Monday, 12 July 2010

River Eden

I have been on the Aberdeen Dee for the last week running a salmon course, it seems the water shortage was the same up there also. Although we had rain on the Sunday night which put the water up by a foot or two it soon ran off, there was one fish caught of twelve pounds and a couple lost. As soon as the levels dropped back again it was back to casting for the sake of it, very useful pastime but not very productive.
It seems to be a problem all over the UK this season, very dry for long periods everywhere and now we have a hosepipe ban in force. Last Saturday night the rain that fell on the hills did manage to put just over a foot into the Eden and on the Sunday it was pretty dirty with all the algae being washed down the river. By Monday the water had cleared sufficiently to allow good fishing conditions. There are not many salmon running on this but the next lift of water we get will certainly change things, we have an unsettled week ahead of us which is great news.

I was out on the middle river with Keith and Sue today who were very good company, we did see a fair bit of activity in the morning with fish rising on a regular basis, but by mid day it had gone a little quiet. Bit of a shame really, by the time we got the casting good the trout had gone down although we did get hold of a couple on nymphs later which came off.

Never mind we all had a good day and saw plenty of wild life and the weather was just perfect!