Thursday, 1 April 2010


The three day spring Tweed salmon fishing course with Illtyd and Neil got off to a greart start on the first day with everyone getting to grips with some good fly casting techniques to deal with the strong easterly upstream wind. Our good friend Sandy who has been with us before got hold of two nice sea trout with a foot of water on the gauge both caught on a yellow tube fly. David also a very good friend of ours who came last year when it was very low water and warm conditions, saw quite a different picture this time of the opposite. Ken who I met for the first time was also great company and extremely enthusiastic, did exceptionally well getting a good line out despite the high winds.

Overnight the weather came in bringing copious amounts of rain and put the level up by two feet, later during the day it began to snow quite heavy. On the last day the wind turned westerly upstream and the snow was relentless until the afternoon, although the fishing was out of the question there were some good useful fly casting sessions. It is always a pity when the weather comes in like it did on these sort of events, but unfortunately it is out of our control.

Kevin as always was a great help on the beat with his knowledge and friendly manner, the fishing hut is fantastic where you can go for a hot brew and warm by the fire, many thanks to him for that. The Buccleuch Arms hotel was a very nice and comfortable place to stay, Billy and Steven looked after us all very well indeed, everyone enjoyed the good food and hospitality.