Tuesday, 13 April 2010

River Eden

Just back from the AAPGAI weekend at Builth Wells, great weather and good company.

Had Ken out last week at Warwick Hall as the river was dropping in nicely, his casting was fine and on the second day he fortunately hooked and unfortunately lost a springer in the Battery pool.

Came back to the Eden on sunny Monday and was out with Hugh who is great fun and company, the river is looking perfect, the water temperature is now at 50oF. There are now salmon above Armathwaite weir, not many yet, but at least they are now moving upstream with the warmer water. The sandpipers are there in numbers, ravens are nesting and the toads are in an amorous mood.

The trout fishing is picking up steady now, the Large Dark hatches are still a little sporadic but should settle down. Spiders are not really doing the business as they should just yet although the heavier nymphs are proving more successful.
Today the air temperature has dropped by a good 8 degrees, the water is pristine at just over a foot above summer level and we are looking good!