Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mother's day.

The Eden is running very clear at present, the water height is at just below summer level with a little brown algae developing on the riverbed. Water temperature is climbing very slowly and is now at a heady 40oF, I think in a week or two; although there are some small localised hatches, the Large Dark Olives will be in ful swing and we will see some serious action with the trout. The run we had of salmon has slowed due to the water levels but there are fish in and around the Carlisle area.
Kelts are still a plenty all up and down the river and the trout in fine form, the season opens Monday.

Took Steven on the river today for some casting and fishing and although there was a stiff north-westerly blowing he did a great job with the Circle and overhead casts. We did see a few fish along with all the pleasent scenery and wildlife.