Friday, 19 February 2010

River Eden

A real nice day out on the lower Eden yesterday and today, although the temperature never got above 2 oC it was just great to be on the river. A few Kelts beginning to drop down recently and the odd trout showing, did not see any new fish today but Allan got hold of something substantial the day before.

Steven's casting is coming on a treat and managed to get his string pulled today by a Kelt late on in the afternoon.
Off to do a grayling course Sunday until Wednesday on the Annan followed swiftly by two weeks in Patagonia, happy day's!

If while I am away anyone is interested in some of the fly fishing courses coming up on the Eden and Tweed shortly, there are still a few places left, if you could drop me an email I will arrange them for you, many thanks, Glyn.
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