Monday, 26 November 2012

A big thank you to all that volunteered Sunday, a phenomenal task.

Despite the awful weather and the high river volunteers from local group 
"Diggin' the Trees" 

supported local fishermen and the Woodland Trust to help plant trees along the bank of 
the Eden at Beaumont on Sunday. Diggin the Trees was established 4 years ago by 
local lady Emma to help out with environmental schemes in Cumbria - they have now planted 
10,000's of thousands of trees across the county.

A tree that used to be a few meters from the water not so long ago 

As any river angler will know the later season this year has been blighted by
the continued fluctuation in flow in the Eden and other rivers following a summer 
and autumn of rain. High flows and brown water have made fishing almost 
impossible on many days. 

Tree planting in the rain! 

The increased rain this year and changeable weather patterns of recent years have

lead to an increase in bank erosion and an increase in sediments and soils getting into

water courses.

Sedimentation higher up in the river system can lead to poor spawning conditions 
and fewer fish. Lower down river erosion can completely change cherished pools.   

Almost there

So, with advice from local experts including the Woodland Trust and Eden Rivers
volunteers have been out planting trees in the catchment to help reduce erosion hotspots 
and to capture soils and sediments before they reach the river. We cannot do anything about 
the rain but well placed tree planting can help stop the river degrading. Tree roots and the 
shade from boughs is also beneficial to fish by providing refuge areas away from predators. 

Oak, willow, alder, aspen, blackthorn, birch and beech.

The group on Sunday planted some 900 trees and, apparently enjoyed themselves.... 

and the river at Beaumont may have brighter future thanks to the time and 
effort of local volunteers. 
(Words-Pete Leeson)