Thursday, 28 June 2012

Slightly moist!

The morning of the 22nd and the river is rising rapidly and beginning to colour up.

The river has peaked with flood water at 4.5 metres on the 23rd June, there is more rain forecast, this will put paid to fishing for at least the next two days. There have been a few breaches of water especially on some of the tributaries, the roads are flooded everywhere. It is always a shame when we see the sand martin colonies and nesting water foul wiped out with unseasonal floodwater. This seems to be the weather pattern of the last few years of wet summers and dry autumns.

25th, the river is now dropping and clearing at last, it was a close call. There have been a few fish taken on the spinner above Carlisle, one at twenty two pounds and a few in the mid teens.

More fish for the 26th mainly on the spinner; it is good to see many anglers returning fish. Along with the larger fish the Eden has enjoyed this year; there are now salmon from six to ten pounds making an appearance.

Trout fishing is picking up again in the evenings. The lower river is still with much colour and height due to the Irthing, Caldew and Petteril.

27th, much better conditions now for the fly especially on the middle river, a few fish taken with sea lice, it is shaping up quite nicely. Tomorrow there is more rain and thunderstorms forecast, it looks like it will be the same scenario as last week. Records say it has been the wettest June on record! On the upside, there are now good numbers of fish high up the river system with the amount of water the Eden has had. Anglers are also seeing and taking fish off one or two of the tributaries.

28th, after thunderstorms and torrential rain another huge amount of floodwater is making its way down the Eden, another weekend washed off the river!