Thursday, 21 June 2012


The 16th and 17th of June have seen one flood on top of another flood, very coloured and around three feet of water, fishing was a non-goer.

A different story on the 18th on the middle river, the level is dropping and the water clearing, big movements of both salmon and sea trout today with a few good fish caught. The lower river should begin to fish in a day or so.

The 19th and the water is as about as good as it gets on the middle river and another “twenty” and a couple in the teens. The trout fishing is a little sporadic at present and coinciding with the hatches. Some big grayling, many around two and some up to three pounds are beginning to show up on the river, a much better stamp than last year.

12612 021 StevenG 026

The weather is set for dry and warm for the next day or so, this will bring the lower river into play more.

20th June. A good fly fishing water on the lower river, just a slight tint of peat and looking very nice, a few fish coming off the tides which are building up but not so big this week.

Lower river

21st, with rain falling all day and a light easterly the fishing is still good and the river stable, fish are coming in off each tide. It is not the best of forecast for the weather the next day or so.