Saturday, 11 December 2010

Cabin fever!

Three weeks of helish cold temperatures along with snow and ice, have curtailed any thoughts of venturing out to do any serious fly fishing. We have had a few casting days with the more hardy, but even then the frigid line has been sticking to the rod rings with ice. The river up to two days ago was half frozen, but the grayling fishing was good when they could be located, and now we have a few feet of very coloured Eden snow melt water coming down after the thaw.

These are times when confined to barracks to do a few jobs that have been much neglected all year around the house, collect some rare brownie points and to sort out the tackle and flies for the coming season and look kind of organised.

It is good to see that inquiries for next season are coming in and October is already gone, the salmon season on the Eden starts on January 15th and if the conditions are good there is a chance of a fish. Now is the time to get the fly casting right before the season is in full swing so you have a flying start. April is when the trout fishing really kicks in and May/June is quite exceptional, the sea trout begins in ernest June onwards, and the salmon fishing is relaible given the right water from mid-March on the lower river. It will be May onwards before the fish are on the middle river, my favourite time of year at Lazonby with all the scenery there.

What sort of season can we expect next year? I wish I had the answer, this is nature and it will make you out to be a liar every time you predict it. Even if the fishing is poor at times, the scenery remains constant as do meeting and making new friends and aquaintances on the river, we always learn something new every time we go out; how bad can that be?

 I am ceratinly looking forward to going to Argentina with some very good friends in February for two weeks, and then on return from there we can get the Eden season under way.

Have a peaceful Christmas to all I know and a happy New Year, and thanks to all who I have met on the river over the years, it has been a fulfilling, enjoyable and happy experience.