Thursday, 1 July 2010

River Eden

We have been doing a few school days earlier in the week on the Eden on behalf of Borderlines and the S&TA which were great fun, the weather was very good for those outdoors.There has not been much change in the conditions on the river (seem to have been saying that for a while now), there are good numbers of sea trout around but with the cloudy water they are not ready takers. As for the salmon, they seem to prefer the estuary at present until the levels change. We were hoping that the rain they forecast would come to give a well needed flush, but not yet.
The brown trout fishing is pretty good if we get overcast skies, this morning the wind was from the west and it was cloudy overhead, there were fish showing everywhere, soon as the wind swung round from a more easterly direction it seemed to flatten everything. The weather has to break soon, then we can all get back to business.
Anyone that is interested in some salmon, sea trout and trout courses due the next two months (hopefully by then the rain will come) there are some places left -