Friday, 28 May 2010

River Eden

I have been working with schools in south west Scotland the last two days and doing a salmon course with Jim Curry and Jim Williams on Lazonby Estate, this time of the year there should be plenty of salmon up there. Needless to say the water is still very low on the river and the salmon fishing is tough, saying that though there was a threat of rain on Wednesday and fish began to move, Tina on the course got hold of a nice sea trout and possibly a grilse that came off, fish were also seen moving. I have heard that on the lower river there were a few fish caught off the tide also bearing sea lice, five from one pool just above Carlisle I am told, there is decent rain forecast for tomorrow so we will have to wait and see the result of that.

The trout fishing is getting patchy along with the insect activity although there are plenty of fish around, when there is a hatch it is relatively easy, but they are getting more sparse during the middle of the day due to the heat.
Peter came out with me this morning and did a good job on the casting and fishing, we watched a kingfisher for a while hovering like a kestrel before swooping down to catch fish, I think he did a little better than us today, such is fishing sometimes!