Thursday, 29 April 2010

River Eden

Not so hot today on the salmon front, just the odd fish showing itself. Big tides this last couple of days have been raising the levels several feet for an hour or two which kills the fishing. Good hatches of grannom this morning which petered out by the afternoon, the wind was a south westerly.

We saw the first of the swifts arrive on the Eden today, always a welcome sight.

Adam joined me today and did manage to get hold of a couple of small sea trout and a grayling, he also had a few takes in the morning that were missed and things did slow down during the afternoon.

We gave the salmon a go for a while without success, so Adam stuck with the single handed rod most of the day, although there were one or two salmon showing in the morning we did not see them in the afternoon, whether they had moved through or not during the day we do not know. The levels are at just below summer height but still good.